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Spring Fertilizer For Your Trees

Posted on Saturday, April 13, 2013

"It's important to regularly fertilize your trees to maintain their health and appearance."

Trees are an important part of our landscapes, however due to their slow growth and response rate we may not be immediately aware when they are under stress. It is important to regularly fertilize our trees to maintain their health and appearance.

Whether your trees are young or old, fertilizing them is an essential part of their regular maintenance. Nutrients are delivered to the root systems of trees almost all season long. As new growth is encouraged through fertilizing it may not be wise to fertilize too late in the season, as that new growth needs time to harden off before winter.

At Arborcorp, we inject a specially formulated fertilizer designed specifically for trees and woody plants in the urban landscapes of Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Milton. Our formulation is designed to be released slowly and will last the duration of the season and sometimes into the next. Fertilizer is injected into the fibrous root zone of your tree, right where it needs it most. While some companies concentrate their fertilizing efforts only at the tree’s drip line, we inject throughout the entire root system, providing maximum benefit to your tree’s health.

Contact Arborcorp today to discuss the trees in your yard and what we can do to make them healthier and even more beautiful than they already are.