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Take it Outside: Spring Cleaning Edition!

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We are now well into spring! Our trees are waking up from the dormancy of winter, making plans for new growth, and the air is alive with the energy of renewal. Every spring we get the urge to start fresh, get organized, and prepare our landscapes for a season of outdoor fun and relaxation. In this early part of the season, before you start planting, it is a good idea to have your trees cared for:


1. Deadwooding: Removing dead branches not only reduces the hazard of falling objects on your property, it also reduces the amount of habitat for pests and pathogens and gives your tree a fresh, healthy look.


2. Removals: On a practical level, removing dead or dying trees on your property reduces hazards and creates space for something new in your landscape. On a more subtle level, it is deeply satisfying to see your landscape bursting with green, and not full of dead sticks, twigs and peeling bark.


3. Maintenance pruning: Pruning overgrown, interfering, diseased, damaged and dead branches accomplishes many goals. It prevents structural problems in the future, reduces hazards, increases airflow through the tree (reducing the amount of damp fungal habitat) and lets more sunlight filter through the canopy. This all translates to a safe, healthy and productive landscape.


Removing dead branches, removing dead trees, and performing maintenance pruning where needed leaves your landscape safer, tidier, and refreshed. It's hard to explain the subtle feeling of peace of mind that this creates, but it's well worth the effort and investment. 


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2016-06-08 09.33.21.jpg

Above: The flower of a healthy Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)