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New Years' Resolutions for Homeowners

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year! For many, New Year's is a fresh start and a chance to make a renewed effort to get into some good habits for the year. You may have thought about resolving to work out more, eat healthier, curb your vices, but did you ever think about resolving to take better care of your trees?


Here are some easy resolutions that you can make and keep in 2017!


1. Identify the trees on your property! Many arborists and horticulturalists love to teach those who are interested about trees and other plants. You probably know someone who is willing to come over and help you identify your trees. Not only will this enrich your time outdoors on your property, but you'll also impress your guests when you can teach them about your trees. If you're feeling ambitious, learn how to use an identification key!


Can you tell which species of tree this twig came from?


2. Have an arborist assess the trees on your property. This can help with item #1! Not only will you learn which trees you have, but get a recommendation on how to care for them properly! Assessments and quotes are free at Arborcorp, which is pretty standard. Get a few and compare them, if you like. 


3. Water your trees (properly)! Our summer droughts are getting longer and more intense. Resolve to help your trees survive the summer this year with a slow leaking hose around their driplines, or a gator bag around the trunk. Check out the post I wrote this summer HERE  for more info! 


4. Don't leave stubs! If you take on the task of doing a little pruning around the house, do the trees a favour and read up on Alex Shigo's pruning techniques. Best practices change over time, according to lessons learned from research and experience, and it's possible that your knowledge might not be up to date!



An example of Alex Shigo's teachings.


5. Get your dead Ash tree removed! A standing dead Ash tree creates more of a hazard the longer it is left because of its dry, brittle wood. The cost of removal becomes higher as the tree becomes more and more hazardous to work with. Get a few quotes and resolve to make it happen this year. 


A small dead Ash that could have caused big problems.


These resolutions will help ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable and beautiful property for years to come. 


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